Our website ZeaCoupon offer a number of coupons to avail discounts on products sold by different merchants online. These can be accessed by anyone as these are supported by the merchants themselves to boost their products. They have decided the expiry dates of these coupons which may sometimes be valid only for a few hours. So, keep an eye open for the best deals. The intention is to increase the sales for the merchants within a target period.

There are some ‘Terms of Use’ which state the terms and conditions for the use of the website. When you avail our services, you are bound to obey these which may be updated from time to time.


ZeaCoupon has complete authority to make updates to the Terms of Use as and when required. When this post is updated, we will announce the date from which the new terms become effective. When you continue to use our website, we assume that you accept this policy of ours. So whenever you access our website, look for any changes in the Terms of Use.


If you upload images to the website, you should avoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included. Visitors to the website can download and extract any location data from images on the website.

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding our services or Terms of Use or the website in general, you may contact us at the email id given in the website. Our representatives will be happy to assist you and make sure that your concern is properly handled.


It is not mandatory to register with us to use our services. But, you can register for free if you wish to. For this, you require to provide information which is accurate, current and complete. In case this is not followed, we may not permit you to be a member. Remember not to share any confidential data like the password with anyone else. If you find that your account is being used by a third party, inform us immediately to prevent any further misuse. When you become our registered user, you are responsible for all activities conducted under your account. You can update the personal information if there is any change to it.

You alone are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your user id and password as these are easily misused. So, do not reveal them to anybody for your own safety. When you register with our site, all your personal information will be automatically entered in our user database. You can be assured that this database is maintained in an optimum way without losing the data you provided. If you wish, we will send you promotional emails and newsletters to your email id.

Use of the website

Zea Coupon provide you limited access to make use of our services. You cannot modify any portion of the website without our consent. You cannot use any product listings, prices or descriptions from the site. Copying of the account information or any use of tools to collect data from the site is strictly prohibited. Similarly, no part of the website can be copied, duplicated or reproduced without our consent. You cannot use the site name or the logo for any of your personal use.

User content

The reviews and comments you post in the website will thereafter be considered as our property and we have the right to use it for promotional purposes elsewhere. We are not liable to pay you for such use. In addition, we have the right to edit or remove any content you post.

The content posted should not be obscene, abusive, illegal, threatening or in any way unacceptable to us as a website. We regularly check the content for their validity. If we find any content to be inappropriate, we will delete it without prior notice.

You may refrain from posting any of the following contents to the website.

  • Content containing obscene or vulgar language
  • Content containing pirated software
  • Content that violates any law or regulation
  • Adult content, sexual images, pornography
  • Content that spreads malware
  • Content that damages the image of any individual or organization
  • Content that promotes abuse, hate or destructive actions
  • Content supporting illegal activities or anything related to politics, religion or other sensitive topics
  • Content containing false accusations
  • Any content considered as inappropriate or offensive by us

Zea Coupon has the right to upload contents on behalf of third parties if required. In such cases, we will collect the information and verify the content before uploading. Keep in mind that we will not be responsible for any action you take believing in any misleading information

About the services

All the discounts and offers available in the website are according to the merchants’ conditions of sale. Zea Coupon is not accountable for any loss or damage resulting from an online shopping experience with these merchants. According to our conditions, you agree to use our services for lawful purposes only and not for any illegal activities. When you use the services, it is your sole responsibility to decide what is good for you. We do not force or request users to use our site or post comments.

Copyright and trademark

Zea Coupon  has intellectual property rights in all the products, programs, text and all the contents on the website. By accessing the site, you are not given any special right to use, copy,edit, duplicate or reproduce the content. The logos, names, and the marks related to our services cannot be copied under any circumstances. You can download the downloadable materials from the site but, cannot use it for any illegal purposes.

Using the website or any of its contents like storing it other than your personal use is not permitted. You cannot modify or repost the contents in the site in other platforms. We have given references of certain products, names and services of third parties in the site. This is just for your knowledge only. This is not in any way connected to  Zea Coupon  way of sponsoring or recommending the third party. We are also not responsible for the accuracy of the contents of the third party websites which we have mentioned. If you wish to use those websites, it is your sole decision to do so. We have no say in it.

As already mentioned, all the contents in the website including images, texts, videos, icons, designs, illustrations etc are the properties of the site. Actions like reproducing, transmitting, publishing, modifying, displaying, selling or creating derivatives from them is not allowed. The software used in this site is owned by Zea Coupon and is protected by both Indian and international copyright laws.

The software of Zea Coupon can be used only for shopping purpose. You may not modify, reproduce, transmit, distribute, display or re-publish any of the contents. All the contents are controlled or licensed by Zea Coupon or by third parties who are authorized for this. The collection and arrangement of the contents in the website   is exclusively our property and is protected by Indian and international copyright laws.


We do not promise that the website will meet all your requirements and you can have uninterrupted and secure access to it. Zea Coupon does not speak about the accuracy, reliability or quality of the information obtained through the site. We are not responsible for any actions or inactions from your part in relation to the site.

Online payment

Zea Coupon offers an online payment gateway which enables you to make payments for the deals or coupons you purchased from the site. You can use debit cards, credit cards, netbanking or any other acceptable mode to make the payments. The only condition is your acceptance of the terms and conditions laid out by our website and those of the payment gateway service providers.This is an easy and safe option as you can pay money from your home itself. The card or bank details you enter will be directly processed by the service providers.

Card details

You must agree and confirm that the details of the debit card or the credit card given by you for making payments for the online coupons will be current, accurate and complete. You may refrain from using cards or bank accounts not owned by you. This is illegal and action will be taken against you if you do this. You can be assured that the details will not be shared with any third party as this is against the law. We will not be responsible for any mental agony, inconvenience or financial loss which occurs due to the misuse of your card details/user id/password or other details in any way.

Restricted access

Our website provides restricted access to certain areas. When need arises, we have the right to restrict the access to other areas as well.


If Zea Coupon finds out that you are indulged in activities that are inappropriate to our principles, we have the right to terminate you from using the website. In case we find out any data outflow, we will disable your account by making your user id and password invalid.